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Shamalama. Bring It To The Cypher. The Symphony.

A few of the timeless hits by the creative genius, Truck Turner.

Having worked with greats like Alicia Keys, KRS-One and DJ Premier,

Truck Turner continues to bring his powerful music to the Hip-Hop scene.

With his unique style of hood-reporting meets spirituality,

Truck Turner returns to Hip-Hop renewed and ready to reclaim his lyrical spot,

while uplifting his people.

Truck Turner uses his music to tell the story of the unheard and forgotten,

prompting his name change to

"REV R.E.D.I." which is an acronym for

"Revolution: Reviving Every Descendant of Israel". 

To book Truck Turner aka REV R.E.D.I. for a show or interview,

please fill out the contact form below or email us at


Breaker One Media, LLC is a media company,

specializing in video and music production, song writing and artist development.

We provide our clients with custom tracks and videography -

producing a media ensemble tailored to the artist.

We empower our people to develop and share their voice. 

You can find us on social media:

IG: @truckstamusic



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